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Musings Of A Computerless Blogger

Still no new computer, and in fact I just received notice that shipment has been delayed. This is like living an abacus lifestyle in a calculus world.

So in keeping with my computer-deprived crankiness, I offer a few thoughts of late.

First, the neighbors behind us hired someone to power wash their deck. This deck is the size of a postage stamp, yet this guy was out there for two whole days, running his generator that was loud enough to sound as though someone was mowing our family room carpet. I don’t know much about power-washing, but I’d be surprised if two full days were actually warranted. In the meantime, my kids didn’t nap and parents everywhere know the joy that goes along with that.

Second, Ginger has transitioned to a big girl bed. This would be cause for celebration, except the child will not stay in bed. Aside from the horror of a sleepless child, she manages to scare the crap out of me on a regular basis because she will come downstairs, quiet as a mouse, approach me from behind, and announce loudly that she is done sleeping. I’ve learned to look around me before picking up my coffee cup because I’ve collected enough coffee burns from being jolted out of my blissful silence by my darling daughter. To be perfectly honest, her sudden and unexpected appearances are just creepy.

Third, there is something strangely attractive about our powder room because every play date that Ginger has usually results in the guest(s) child(ren) pooping in our toilet. I don’t have a problem with this – that’s what the darn thing is for, right? – but given that most toddlers tend not to poop more than once a day, it strikes me as more than a bit weird that everyone wants to do it while at our house. I suppose I should take it as a weird sort of compliment, yes?

Fourth, Barney is the devil. That is all.